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Jane Tanner’s rich, textured, gorgeous illustrations work in parallel with Sarah Brennan’s equally complex and affecting language in this verse-narrative of three young girls who find a beached whale. Their first collaboration is a powerful pairing that brings weight to a simple story. …this is a confident story that refuses to ‘talk down’ to children. Its use of symbolic colour and heightened language will also make it suitable for older children and school discussion.
Anica Boulanger-Masberg, Australian Books and Publishing, April 2017

Best known for her playfully rhymed picture books about each year of the Chinese zodiac, here Sarah Brennan surges into very different territory, collaborating with the wonderful Jane Tanner in a lyrical, tinglingly realistic picture book about three sisters tending a beached whale. …In so many ways this book is perfect: both narrative and art build with drama and contrast, then resolve with a tidal ebb that is wonderfully satisfying. Storm Whale is sure to be on many future awards lists! Highly recommended for age 3+
Lynndy Bennett at Gleebooks, Sydney June 2017

This book is truly captivating thanks to the poetic text and beautiful life like illustrations. The entire story is easy to visualise so right from the start I could imagine the sights and sounds experienced by the three sisters on the windy beach… This delightful book will capture children’s imagination with ease and make them feel a part of the story. I love the way the author celebrates children – their perseverance, sense of wonder and vulnerability. Emma Davis,
Childcare Expo UK, September 2017

This is a book where verbal and visual images work in perfect harmony. The rhythm of Sarah Brennan’s lyrical text echoes the ceaseless swell of the rolling waves breaking against the shore; while every one of Jane Tanner’s illustrations, starting in black and white and then moving into full colour, seems to capture the traces of the author’s words with images that linger in the mind. Jill Bennett, Books for Keeps UK, August 2017

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